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5. SC48: Out­put Screen


1. This is the out­put screen. This is where you will find all the para­me­ters for your out­put rout­ing and busses.


Chan­nel Options:

1. The first sec­tion you will see on the right hand side will be options relat­ing to the chan­nel itself.

  • First is the out­put name; the out­put assign­ment which if clicked will show you the sig­nal rout­ing via the dig­i­tal patchbay.

  • The chan­nel fader.

  • The level meter.

  • Phase switch, used to reverse the phase of the signal.

  • Delay knob.

  • Direct Out is used to route the direct sig­nal to a dis­crete output.

  • Inserts for FX rout­ing and plugins.



1. The mid­dle sec­tion of the screen is the global EQ con­trols. Global EQ is a 31 band onboard EQ.

  • You can assign it to out­put banks only.

  • You can enable GEQ so that the phys­i­cal faders on the desk become a 31 band EQ.

  • There are pre­sets which are built into the desk.

  • Out­put Gain to select over­all main out­put gain.


Faders Sec­tion:

1. This dis­plays every out­put fader on the desk. You can con­trol the faders with the track ball and also use it to select channels.


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