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1. SC48: Patching

Input Patch­ing:

1. The Stage Input (A-​B-​C) sec­tion pro­vides 48 chan­nels of ana­log mic/​line inputs (XLR).


Out­put Patch­ing:

1. The Stage Out­put sec­tion (D) pro­vides 16 chan­nels of stage out­put (XLR) to con­nect to house/​mains, mon­i­tors, or other devices.


2-​Track Ins and Outs:

1. These 2-​Track ana­log con­nec­tions are used for input and out­put of ana­log audio mate­r­ial. These use bal­anced 1/​4-​inch TRS connectors.



1. There are three USB 2.0 ports on the front of the SC48 to con­nect a USB key­board, trackball/​mouse, or exter­nal disks.

Two more USB ports are also pro­vided, one on the back panel and one con­cealed within the con­sole itself.


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