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Pow­er­ing Up/​Down

Make sure that every­thing is patched in before you power up.


Pow­er­ing Up: DRA (Desk, Rack, Amps)

1. Switch on the desk you are using first.

For the GL4800 first power up the effects rack and turn on the desk’s switch.

2. Switch on the mon­i­tor effects rack, and crossover unit above the front-​of-​house amps.

3. After mak­ing sure the vol­ume knobs are at 0, switch on the speaker ampli­fiers and mon­i­tor amplifiers.

This order pre­vents any unex­pected clicks or thumps when the equip­ment is pow­ered up.

Once on, turn up to the desired level (gen­er­ally between around 9 and 11 o’clock).


Pow­er­ing Down:

1. Power down fol­low­ing the DRA rule from the other end — ARD (Amps, Rack, Desk).

Then unplug the cables and pack away neatly into the correct boxes..


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