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VU meter selec­tion on the SSL AWS 924

SSL AWS 924:

1. The meter bridge can work inde­pen­dently of what focus layer you are cur­rently on.

There­fore you can be on the ana­logue layer and be meter­ing for the DAW layer.

2. On the mas­ter sec­tion of the desk, click the meter button.

You will be met with 5 options, DAW, Anl, VU, 10dB, PK, HLD.

3. When DAW is selected the meters will show the out­puts of the DAW channels.

4. Anl, will show the ana­logue out­puts on the meter bridge.

5. VU will acti­vate the VU meters left & right for what­ever the source has been set to.

6. 10dB, this will lower the input sig­nal to the VU meters by –10dB.

7. PK, will set the meters from show­ing aver­age of the sig­nal to just the peaks.

8. HLD, hold will cause the meters to remem­ber the peak of a sig­nal. If the peak increases it will update this, while still dis­play­ing the average.



1. When you solo a chan­nel, the sig­nal will be dis­played via the VU meters. The solo text will be illu­mi­nated when a chan­nel on the desk is in solo.


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