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Using the Warm Audio Compressors

SSL AWS 924 Delta:

1. Before using the Warm Audio com­pres­sors, remem­ber to TURN DOWN the input and out­put knobs.

2. Press the INS IN but­ton on the chan­nel you want to apply com­pres­sion, this will allow you to patch in any out­board gear that we have.

The LED will be light if the INS IN is pressed, and active.

Enabling PRE but­ton above the INS IN but­ton will allows the insert before the EQ. By default, the insert will be after the EQ.



1. In the patch­bay, patch in the com­pres­sor from the SSL AWS 924 Insert Send 1 to the WA2A/76 IN.

2. In the patch­bay, patch in the Warm Audio com­pres­sor out­put from WA2A/76 OUT to the SSL AWS 924 Insert Return 1.

3. Slowly turn up the Gain Reduc­tion or the Input of the compressor.

After get­ting the amount of gain reduc­tion you want, turn up the Out­put Gain slowly.


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