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Using the SSL Chan­nel Dynamics

SSL AWS 924:

1. On the chan­nel you want to apply Dynam­ics, press either 1 /​2, on the Dynam­ics sec­tion above the gain knob on the console.

2. On the top right of the con­sole, there are two SSL Chan­nel Dynam­ics strips, their num­bers are accord­ing to step one, the one you choose to apply dynamics.

Press the IN but­ton before using.

If you want to bypass either the GATE/​EXP or COM­PRES­SOR, you can turn up the Thresh­old, to let sig­nal through.


SSL Owner Manual:

For fur­ther infor­ma­tion on the sig­nal flow of the inter­nal of the SSL AWS 924 Delta Con­sole, please take a look on the images from the owner man­ual. If you still find it con­fus­ing, feel free to find ask in tech stores.

*These images are screen­shots from Pages 3 – 8 of the “AWS δelta Owner’s Man­ual”


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