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Using the Mix Bus Compressor

This guide will show you how to use the mix bus com­pres­sor on the ASP8024-HE to com­press any audio on your mix bus.


Mix Bus Compressor:

1. The con­trols for the bus com­pres­sor are located at the right on the mon­i­tor level con­trol and are labelled “VCA Bus Compressor”.


Engag­ing the Compressor:

1. Use the 'In' but­ton to insert the com­pres­sor onto the mix bus sig­nal path.


Set­ the Threshold:

1. The Thresh­old sets the sig­nal level required to engage the com­pres­sor. A higher thresh­old means that more sig­nal is required to trig­ger the com­pres­sor.


Set the Gain Makeup:

1. The Gain Makeup sets how much gain is added to the sig­nal after the it has been com­pressed to ensure that no level is lost.


Set the Attack:

1. The Attack sets how long after the sig­nal cross­ing the thresh­old it takes for the sig­nal to be fully compressed.

A higher attack time means it takes longer for the sig­nal to be fully com­pressed, pre­vent­ing tran­sient info­rma­tion from being attenuated.


Set the Release:

1. The Release sets how long after the sig­nal dropp­ing below the thresh­old, the com­pres­sor disengages.

A higher release time means after the com­pres­sor has been trig­gered, it takes longer for the com­pres­sor to stop atten­u­at­ing the sig­nal level.


Set­ting the Ratio:

1. The Ratio set how much atten­u­a­tion is applied to the sig­nal once it has crossed the threshold.


Bass Expand:

1. The Bass Expand but­ton engages a 350Hz high pass fil­ter to the sidechain of the com­pres­sor. This pre­vents low fre­quen­cies acti­vat­ing the com­pres­sor as this can cause pumping.

Note that the high pass fil­ter does not fil­ter the mix bus audio, only the sig­nal used to acti­vate the compressor.


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