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Using the Mac to Record a Voiceover Using the MOTU 8Pre

Using the MOTU 8Pre:

1. The MOTU 8Pre is routed directly to Logic Pro X, bypass­ing the desk. This makes it a lot sim­pler to record projects such as voiceovers and commercials.

2. The patch­bay runs through to the back of the 8Pre, allow­ing direct access to the inputs. Plug your micro­phone into the patch­bay using an XLR.

3. Each chan­nel on the 8Pre has a –20dB pad, a phan­tom power switch and a gain dial.

4. Mon­i­tor the level of the input on the LED meters on the right hand side of the 8Pre.


Using the Mac:

1. First, open up Logic Pro X.

2. Next, choose the ‘Voiceover Record­ing’ template.

3. The tem­plate includes six mono tracks which each cor­re­spond to the six inputs on the 8pre with inputs seven and eight being used for the out­puts from the desk.

Make sure you save the project before you start recording!

4. Finally, hit record when­ever you’re ready!


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