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Using the Mac to Record a Radio Show from Zetta

Using the PC:

1. Open Zetta on the Win­dows PC.

2. The out­put from Zetta is routed from the back of the Focus­rite Saf­fire into the chan­nels labelled ‘Zetta’ on the desk.


Using the Desk:

1. Use the Zetta faders on the desk to con­trol the level of the out­put from Zetta.

2. Turn up the ‘Main Out’ fader. This is the mas­ter fader on this desk.

3. Finally, turn up the ‘Speaker Vol­ume’ dial to a com­fort­able lis­ten­ing level. The out­put of the desk then goes to the MOTU 8Pre.


Using the 8Pre:

1. To visu­ally mon­i­tor the out­put from the desk, look on chan­nels 7 – 8 on the MOTU 8Pre on the LED meters. This shows the level going from the desk into Logic Pro X.


Using the Mac:

1. First, open up Logic Pro X.

2. Next, choose the ‘Radio Show Record­ing’ template.

3. The tem­plate includes a sin­gle stereo track with the inputs 7 – 8 from the MOTU 8Pre. The out­puts from the desk are routed to these inputs.

Make sure you save the project before you start recording!

4. Finally, hit record when­ever you’re ready!


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