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Using the Lis­ten Mic

Live Room:

1. Con­nect a mic in the live room to the stage box using an XLR. In this exam­ple we have con­nected our micro­phone to Live Room 1.


Con­trol Room:

1. In the con­trol room locate the XLR patch­bay on the left hand side of the room.

Con­nect the Live Room num­ber (1) that we are using to SSL Lis­ten Mic In using an XLR.

2. Click the lis­ten but­ton in the bot­tom right hand cor­ner of the desk.

3. Turn up the lis­ten knob. This will now be audible through the con­trol room. The lis­ten knob sets the gain of the lis­ten mic input preamplifier.

4. In order to record this lis­ten mic input you’ll need to con­nect the lis­ten mic input you’ll need con­nect the lis­ten mic out­put to the Motu 16A inputs, on the ban­tam patchbay.

5. The lis­ten mic does not pro­vide phan­tom power, if the mic you are using requires +48V then please book out a phan­tom power box from tech stores.


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