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Using the EQ Sec­tion on the Desk

Using the EQ:

1. At the top of each chan­nel, you will find a 3-​band fixed fre­quency EQ section.

2. To acti­vate the EQ sec­tion, press the but­ton labelled ‘EQ’. When the but­ton glows yel­low, the EQ sec­tion is in action. When no light is present, the EQ sec­tion is not being used.

3. The three dials in the EQ sec­tion cor­re­spond to the following:

HF — High Fre­quency shelf above 8.5kHz

MF — Medium Fre­quency band at 3.kHz

LF — Low Fre­quency shelf below 180Hz

4. The but­ton labelled ‘80Hz’ acti­vates a 80Hz high-​pass fil­ter when pressed. The but­ton will glow yel­low when it is acti­vated and no light will show when it has been deactivated.


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