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Using the Amps in Green­rooms 2 and 3

This guide will show you how to use the gui­tar and bass amp heads in Green­rooms 2 and 3 with the cabs in the live room.


Con­trol Room:

1. Using a jack cable, con­nect what you want to run through the amp to the amp input. This can be from a DI box, guitar/bass or a reamp box.

2. Using the speakon jack cable, con­nect the amp speaker out to the live room using the patchbay.



Live Room:

1. Make sure the cab is con­nected to out­put 8 on the stage box using the speaker cable in the room.

Do not use a reg­u­lar jack cable


Turn on the Amp:

1. Go back into the con­trol room and turn on the pow­er­strip next to the amp and the amp you want to use.

Only turn on the amp you want to use and only after you fol­lowed all pre­vi­ous steps.

2. Turn up the ampli­fier and set your tone using the con­trols on the amp.

Record the sound of the cab in the live room using a microphone.


Fin­ish­ing Off:

1. Make sure the gui­tars amps are turned off after you have fin­ished using them.


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