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Using SISO Sched­ul­ing Chart to Book Rooms

This guide will explain how to use the sched­ul­ing chart on SISO to book stu­dio rooms and equip­ment.


SISO Sched­ul­ing Chart:

1. Open the Blue­rooms SISO web­site and login.

Note: This is not linked on the University's main SISO login page, it has to be accessed direct.

2. Click on the menu and then click on ‘Sched­ul­ing Chart’ under ‘Bookings’.

3. This Opens the ‘Sched­ul­ing Chart’ view.

4. Select the little house looking item on the left to show all rooms

5. Click on ‘Add Date Range’ in order to select which dates you want to view if you know in advance.

6. To select a book­ing time click and drag over the time slot you’d like.

Then click ‘Book Selected’.

This opens the book­ing request form. Fill this out and click 'Book'. You will receive an email confirming your booking.


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