Using SISO Sched­ul­ing Chart to Book Rooms and Equipment

This guide will explain how to use the sched­ul­ing chart on SISO to book stu­dio rooms and equip­ment.


SISO Sched­ul­ing Chart:

1. Open the Blue­rooms SISO web­site and login.


Note: This is not linked on the University's main SISO login page, it has to be accessed direct.

2. Click on the menu and then click on ‘Sched­ul­ing Chart’ under ‘Bookings’.

3. Click on the arrow to open the ‘Sched­ul­ing Chart’ menu.

4. Click on ‘Add Date Range’ in order to select which dates you want to view.

5. Click on ‘Add Asset(s)’ in order to view what spe­cific equip­ment and/​or spe­cific rooms are availa­ble to be booked out.

6. Click on ‘Load All Stock’ or ‘Load All Rooms’ in order to view all equip­ment and room availability.

7. To select a book­ing time click and drag over the time slot you’d like.

Then click ‘Book Selected’.

This opens the book­ing request form. Fill this out and click 'Book'. You will receive an email confirming your booking.