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Using SISO ‘Make Book­ing’ Tab

This guide will explain how to use the ‘Make Book­ing’ func­tion on the SISO dash­board to book stu­dio rooms.


SISO ‘Make Book­ing’ Tab:

1. Open the Blue­rooms SISO web­site and login.

Note: This is not linked on the University's main SISO login page, it has to be accessed direct.

2. Click on the ‘Make Book­ings’ icon.

3. Click on the drop down menu and change ‘Stock’ to ‘Room’.

4. After look­ing at the sched­ul­ing chart and view­ing avail­abil­ity, pick which time and day you’d like to book a room.

5. Click on ‘Search Assets’ and then click on what rooms you’d like to book.

For exam­ple, I wish to book Green­rooms 1, so would click on ‘Greenrooms”

6. Next click ‘Book’ and fill out the book­ing details form.

7. Then click ‘Con­firm’ to make your reservation.

You will get a noti­fi­ca­tion and email to say if your book­ing has been confirmed.


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