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Using Arturia Key­board with Ana­log Lab in Pro Tools

Pro Tools:

1. Cre­ate a new stereo instru­ment track in Pro Tools.

2. In the I/​O sec­tion select the stereo out­put that you want to use (in this case we are using out­put 1 – 2).

You don’t need to select any input, because Artu­ria key­boards is con­nected with Mac via USB cable.

3. In the inserts sec­tion select: mul­ti­chan­nel plug-​in → Instru­ment → Ana­log Lab 3 (stereo)

4. Now you can select one of over 6000 patches and have fun with this plug-​in.


Hear­ing the sound back from Pro Tools:

1. In order to hear the sound com­ing out of the Ana­log Lab, while play­ing the key­board arm the track by click­ing on record but­ton.

2. The last thing to do is pulling the faders up on the pre­vi­ously selected out­put.


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