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Using and Record­ing Mix Busses and Sub Groups

This crib will guide you through how to use the mix busses to route to the eight avail­able sub groups and also how to inde­pen­dently record those sub groups into Pro Tools.


Audi­ent ASP8024-​HE:

1. Locate the bus rout­ing sec­tion of the chan­nel you wish to send to a sub group.

2. Decide if you want to send audio from the long fader or short fader and press the LF button depending on your choice.

3. Ensure the mix but­tons for the SF and LF are up. You only want to hear audio from the sub group, not the source as well.

4. With audio play­ing through either the LF or SF, bring up the fader.

5. Press the mix but­ton for the sub group you have sent audio to. In this case it is Sub Group 1.

6. Slowly bring up the fader to a desired level. If the VU meter for the sub group is too high, lower the faders that are bussed to it.

7. Locate the Sub Group out­puts on the patch­bay and con­nect into the Motu 16A inputs.


Pro Tools:

1. Within Pro Tools cre­ate a stereo chan­nel for the sub group and set the inputs to 25 – 26, if con­nected to Motu 16A 1–2. In GR1 the Motu 24ai does the first 1–24 inputs in Pro Tools, with the 16A doing 25 – 40.

Make sure the out­puts of these chan­nels are to avail­able chan­nels. Outputting onto used chan­nels could cause a feed­back loop.

2. Click record enable and input mon­i­tor­ing to see the sub group sig­nal on the pro tools VU meters.

3. Press record and play. Mon­i­tor the record­ing via the sub­group using the mix but­ton or via a return from Pro Tools, out­putted to two avail­able chan­nels.



1. If the sig­nal is too hot into pro tools, lower the sub group fader on the Audient.

2. Ensure there are no con­nec­tions into the send and return patch­ing of the sub groups.


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