SISO Enrol­ment Guide

This guide will explain how to sign up to SISO in order to book rooms and equip­ment.


SISO Enrol­ment Guide:

1. Open the Blue­rooms SISO web­site and enter the login details which you would nor­mally login into a uni­ver­sity machine with.

Click Login and this will auto­mat­i­cally take you to the sign up page.


2. Next fill in your name and surname.

Then fill in ‘Stu­dent /​Staff card num­ber’ with the 10 dig­its above the bar­code on your Stu­dent ID Card.

Next fill out ‘Stu­dent /​Staff ID’ with the first 7 dig­its of your stu­dent card num­ber. Includ­ing a low­er­case ‘u’ at the start. This is the number you use to log on to University machines.

eg. u1234567

3. Leave the enrolments tab uns­e­lected — If there are any enrol­ments selected (such as per­sonal use) then please leave them as they are but do not add more.

4. Next tick off the terms and con­di­tions and click ‘Submit’.

5. One of our tech­ni­cians will have to acti­vate your account. Once it's acti­vated you’ll be noti­fied by email and you’ll be able to log on and book out the studios.