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Setting up a Head­phone Mix

This guide will show you how to setup a head­phone mix in Blue­rooms 1 using the SSL AWS 924.


Ban­tam Patchbay:

1. The ban­tam patch­bay is nor­malled so noth­ing should be plugged into the fold­back or headphone amp sec­tion on the patchbay.


SSL AWS 924:

1. On the chan­nel you want to send to the head­phones, press in the Cue send pot to turn it on.

2. Turn the Cue send pot clock­wise to start send­ing the chan­nel to the foldback.



1. Press the Cue A but­ton to send the Cue down the Foldback.

2. Turn up the Fold­back level labelled ‘Mix 1′.


Head­phone Amp:

1. Make sure the head­phone amp input is set to the inputs you are using and that it is turned up.


Live Room Stage Box:

1. Plug in the head­phones into the Tie Line of the stage box in the live room.


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