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Send­ing to FX Channels

On the SC48 rout­ing to FX chan­nels is slightly dif­fer­ent to using a tra­di­tional ana­log desk.

You are prob­a­bly used to send­ing a chan­nel via a Send and Return path. You send the sig­nal to an exter­nal FX unit and then return it on the same chan­nel on an ana­log desk.

On the SC48 it is a slightly dif­fer­ent process as the FX you will mostly want to use will be the inter­nal effects on the desk.

There­fore you have to send the sig­nal inter­nally into an FX chan­nel then return it.



1. First you must set up your FX chan­nel on an Aux Chan­nel and then return the sig­nal via the desks FX return chan­nel.

This emu­lates inter­nally what you would do exter­nally on an ana­log desk.

Make sure you are in Con­fig mode.

2. If you want to use a stereo FX, check that the aux group is linked by click­ing Options on the oper­at­ing sys­tem and then on the Busses tab.

3. Click Edit, then the Links but­ton at the top and then click Apply.

This will link Aux 1+2 into a stereo group.


Adding Plu­g­ins:

1. Now set up the FX you want by adding plu­g­ins onto the Aux Chan­nel you wish to use.


Plu­gin Input:

1. Now you the input of the Plugin.

Click the top of the Plu­gin tab, choose Bus Outs and select the Aux chan­nel you wish to use.


Plu­gin Out­put:

1. Then set the out­put to the FX return.

You should now have a sig­nal path some­thing like this:

Chan­nel → Aux → FX Return


Faders Setup:

1. Ensure your chan­nel and Aux fader are turned up.

Next press the FX Return switch which will switch the first 8 faders on the desk to FX return faders.

Turn up the des­ig­nated FX return you set up in the plu­gin screen.

You should then have a plu­gin pro­cess­ing your audio and return­ing it back to the main sig­nal chain.


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