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Reset­ting I/​O in Each Studio

This guide will show you what to do if your your tracks are greyed out in Pro Tools and aren’t get­ting any sound.


Pro Tools Setup:

1. If your tracks in Pro Tools are greyed out then you need to reas­sign your I/​O.

2. In Pro Tools top menu click Setup, then I/​O.

3. Click Import Set­tings.

4. Choose the file that is titled ‘(Room) Default 5.1′ if you are work­ing in 5.1 or ‘(Room) Stereo Default’ for stereo.

5. Click OK to con­firm delet­ing unused paths/​busses.

Note: You may have to reassign your track/ master bus output to a new one if you have moved between rooms.


Cre­at­ing Your Own Input or Out­put Path:

1. In the I/​O win­dow click New Path.

2. Choose the amount of paths, type and name.

3. If you are cre­at­ing more than one path, and tick the box ‘Add default chan­nel assign­ments’, they will get assigned to inputs or out­puts auto­mat­i­cally.

4. Click Cre­ate and (assum­ing you haven’t ticked the box) assign the inputs or out­puts sim­ply by click­ing in the area that rep­re­sents the input/​output you want the path to be.

Click OK.


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