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Record­ing Using the Track­Mas­ter Pro


1. Plug the micro­phone into the Focus­rite Track­Mas­ter Pro Mic input. You can use phan­tom power on the mic pre.

Check care­fully if the mic needs phan­tom power or you may risk ruin­ing it.


Track­Mas­ter Pro Setup:

1. Slowly turn up the gain on the Focus­rite Track­Mas­ter Pro.

2. The input and out­put level can be mon­i­tored by using the Vu Meter. Sim­ply press­ing the but­ton, you can mon­i­tor the input level, out­put level, and gain reduc­tion level.


Using Pro Tools?

1. Open Pro Tools.

2. Open/​Create a project from a template.

3. Add a mono track.

4. Make the track input ‘Track­Mas­ter (Mono)’, from the ‘Inter­face’ section.


Using Logic?

1. Open Logic and Open/​Create a project from template.

2. Make sure you are using either “RR1 16A”, “RR2 16A” or the “RR3 16A” as the input and out­put device.

3. Add a mono track.

4. Make the track input ‘Input 1′.


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