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Record­ing a Stereo Mixdown

This guide shows you how to record the main L&R mix from the Audi­ent ASP8024-HE into Pro Tools.


Audi­ent ASP8024-​HE:

1. Route all of the tracks to the mix bus by press­ing the ‘Mix’ but­ton next to the long fader.

2. Patch the left and right Mix Out­puts to the Motu 16A inputs 1 and 2 on the ban­tam patch­bay.

3. Cre­ate a stereo track in Pro Tools and set the input as 25 – 26. Ensure that the out­put of the stereo track is not the same as any of the chan­nels you are recording.

Impor­tant: Make sure you don’t press the ‘Mix’ but­tons on the out­put tracks of the mix­down on the Audi­ent — this will cre­ate feedback.

4. Arm the tracks for record­ing by click­ing the cir­cle on the track so it flashes red.

5. Press the record but­ton on the trans­port bar and press play, with the track bar at the begin­ning of your mix, when you are ready to record. Press stop when the mix has finished.

6. Now you will need to bounce out the recorded track. Bounce by select­ing File>Bounce and select the out­put of the stereo track.

Select 44.1kHz, 16 bit, inter­leaved and offline bounce.


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