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Record­ing A Mic Signal Into Pro Tools

This guide will explain how to use a micro­phone to record sound in the live room of Green­rooms 1 into Pro Tools through the Audi­ent ASP8024-HE.


Patch­ing the Microphone:

1. Con­nect the micro­phone to the stage­box in the live room using an XLR Cable.

2. Using an XLR patch cable, patch the feed from the live room into the next avail­able desk mic input on the XLR patchbay.


Set­ting up the desk:

1. At the top of the chan­nel strip press the but­ton labelled ‘1’ in the ‘Bus Rout­ing’ sec­tion. This sends the chan­nel down bus 1 and in turn sets the chan­nel input in Pro Tools as 1.

2. If using a mic, like a con­denser, that requires phan­tom power (+48v) then click in the red 48V but­ton. If using a dynamic or rib­bon mic then do not use phan­tom power.

If unsure, ask a mem­ber of staff at the tech stores.

3. Next grad­u­ally turn the mic pre gain clock­wise till you achieve a suit­able level. Use the VU meter at the top of the chan­nel strip for ref­er­ence.

4. Push up the mic/​short fader – this sends the sig­nal to Pro Tools.

If you want to send the mic sig­nal to the mix bus so you can lis­ten to it in the con­trol room before it gets to Pro Tools, press the mix button.

5. Push up the Mix Bus fader to 0dB.

You should then see the mix bus meter at the top of the desk above the fader start show­ing the sig­nal in the mix bus.


Pro Tools:

1. In Pro Tools cre­ate a new audio track by press­ing cmd+shift+N, or going Track, New Track, and cre­ate a new audio track.

2. On the new track in Pro Tools, set the input of the track so it matches the bus num­ber you sent the track to, so if you bus is set to 1, the sig­nal will appear in input 1 in Pro Tools.

3. Click the I to enable input mon­i­tor­ing on the track and make sure it is record armed by click­ing the cir­cle on the track so it flashes red.

4. Click the record arm but­ton on the trans­port bar of Pro Tools and press play when you are ready to record.


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