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Re-amping a Signal

This guide will show you how to reamp a recorded DI gui­tar track in Green­rooms 1. You will need an unamplified DI recording of the instrument you want to reamp, so that this can be turned back into an instrument signal for the amplifier to accept.



1. Using a ban­tam cable, con­nect Aux 1 to GR1 Tie Line A.


Live Room:

1. Use a TRS cable to con­nect Tie Line A on the stage­box in the live room to the input of the reamp box.

2. Then, connect a TS cable from the Hi-Z output of the reamp box to the input of the amplifier. Make sure the reamp box is set to no more than a quar­ter.


Pro Tools:

1. Make sure to set the clean DI sig­nal to its own out­put in Pro Tools.

Remem­ber to cre­ate a new track to record the miked gui­tar amp onto and make sure that it has a dif­fer­ent out­put to the DI track.


Audi­ent ASP8024-HE:

1. Turn up the aux on the chan­nel receiv­ing the DI sig­nal from Pro Tools.

Make sure noth­ing else is being sent to the aux you are using to send to the DI signal.

2. If you have flipped the long and short fader, you will need to press in the SF but­ton next to the aux you are using.

If the chan­nel flip but­ton is out, the leave the SF but­ton out.

Also press the PRE but­ton for the aux you are using. This will allow you con­trol the level of the DI send to the amp using only the aux control.

3. Increase the aux mas­ter level to 0dB.


Live Room:

1. With the vol­ume con­trols set to 0, turn the amp on.

Once the amp has turned on slowly increase the vol­ume and set the tone con­trols until you are happy.


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