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Play­ing Back a Recorded Track From Pro Tools

This crib will guide you through how to get sound out of Pro Tools into the desk, and out to the monitors.


Pro Tools:

1. Make sure your I/O settings are set correctly. If not follow our guide on resetting them.



1. Click the focus but­ton to flip to the ana­logue layer of the desk.

2. Bring up the chan­nel fader for 1+2.

3. Send both chan­nels to the mix bus, and pan respectively.

4. You should now see a level on chan­nels 1+2 meters with audio play­ing out of Pro Tools.

5. If not you’ll need to change the meter input bridge to be dis­play­ing ana­logue and not DAW.

6. Bring up the mas­ter fader to 0dB.

7. Slowly increase the con­trol room pot to a suit­able level.



1. No sig­nal into 1+2? Ensure at the top of the chan­nels the inputs are flipped to line input.

2. In the mas­ter sec­tion there is a “MON SRC” column. Mix should be high­lighted as you want to hear what is on the mix bus.


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