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Play­ing Back a Recorded Track From Pro Tools

This guide will step through how to play back a recorded track on the Audi­ent ASP8024-HE.



1. The patch­bay in GR1 is nor­maled and set up that, with no extra patch­ing, sig­nal is able to route through to the mon­i­tors. If you are unable to get sound from the monitors, check that no cables are plugged into the main or alter­na­tive speaker section.


Pro Tools:

1. On the trans­port bar at the top of Pro Tools, press play to make Pro Tools play the recorded audio. The meters in Pro Tools will start dis­play­ing a fluc­tu­at­ing line to show that audio is playing.


Audient ASP 8024 Desk:

1. Press the Mix but­ton next to the long fader of the chan­nel to send it to the mix bus, this can be switched to the short fader by press­ing the chan­nel flip but­ton next to the short fader.

After rout­ing the chan­nel to the mix bus, push up the fader.

2. Push up the mix bus fader.

3. Slowly increase the mon­i­tor level con­trol — make sure to use the SPL meters as a reference.



1. Make sure that the cut and dim but­tons are not lit – these will stop the sig­nal get­ting to the mon­i­tors and will reduce the level of the sig­nal respec­tively.

2. Ensure that either the main speaker, alt speaker 1 or alt speaker 2 but­ton is lit to send sig­nal to either pair of mon­i­tors, and that the con­trol room source select is set to mix so that the mix bus sig­nal is sent to the monitors.


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