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Patch­ing in the Monitors

This guide will explain how to safely con­nect the mon­i­tors, pre­vent­ing any sud­den loud sounds, and adjust the play­back level.


Mon­i­tor Level Preparation:

1. Ensure the MON­I­TOR LEVEL knob located on the lower right side of the SSL XL desk is set to the 0 value mark­ing (fully anti-​clockwise) before con­tin­u­ing this guide.

This will pre­vent any risk of loud pops or sounds from enter­ing the speak­ers dur­ing this guide.


Patch­ing in the Mon­i­tors on the Patch Bay:

1. Using ban­tam to ban­tam cables, patch MON Out L and R to MON In L and R respectively.

This will con­nect the desk’s mon­i­tor out­puts to the Gen­elec 8040As.


Set­ting the Mon­i­tor Source:

1. In the MON SOURCE sec­tion located on the lower right side of the XL desk, press the MIX A but­ton so that the button’s LED is on.

This will route the MIX A bus to the desk’s mon­i­tor outputs.


Adjust­ing Mon­i­tor Levels:

1. Within the mas­ter sec­tion located on the lower right side of the XL desk, push up the fader labelled MIX A, from the Infin­ity (∞) value mark to the 0 value mark.

This will increase MIX A’s out­put level.

2. Adjust the MON­I­TOR LEVEL knob slowly to change the mon­i­tor vol­ume to a safe lis­ten­ing level.


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