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Mon­i­tor Con­trol in GR1

This guide will show you how to get sound from the desk into the monitors.


Audi­ent ASP8024-HE:

1. First, make sure the mon­i­tor level con­trol is set fully anti­clock­wise on the desk and that the Main Speaker but­ton is pressed and lit.

2. When you have sig­nal suc­cess­fully reach­ing the mix bus, slowly increase the mon­i­tor level con­trol to a com­fort­able level using the SPL meters.


Using Alter­na­tive Monitors:

1. As with the main mon­i­tors, make sure the mon­i­tor con­trol is set fully anticlockwise.

Make sure the trim con­trol above the alter­na­tive speaker but­ton is zeroed to 12 o’clock, then press the Alt Speak­ers 1/2 button.


The Patch­bay:

1. The patch­bay in GR1 is nor­maled and set up so that with no extra patch­ing sig­nal is able to get into the speak­ers. If you are unable to get sound from the mon­i­tors, check that no cables are plugged into the main or alter­na­tive speaker section.



1. Make sure the DIM and Cut but­tons are not lit.

2. If you want stereo play back make sure the Mono but­ton next to the con­trol pot is not pressed.

3. No sig­nal to Con­trol pot? Make sure mas­ter fader is up.


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