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Focus Modes on the SSL AWS 924

Focus But­ton:

1. When the focus mode but­ton is lit, the desk is in ana­logue focus mode, when it is unit, the desk is in DAW focus mode.

2. The main dif­fer­ences between the two focus modes can be seen in the table below. Fur­ther details can be read about in the SSL AWS 924 man­ual in Blue­rooms 1.

In order to get sound out of Pro Tools, you must remem­ber to bring up the faders for the out­puts you are using in Pro Tools on the respec­tive chan­nel.

For exam­ple, to get audio from out­put 1 and 2 onto the desk, push up chan­nel faders 1 and 2 in ana­logue focus mode before using DAW focus mode.



1. Remem­ber that the sig­nal from Pro Tools comes onto the desk from the Line inputs, check that chan­nels 1 and 2 are set to look for sig­nal com­ing in on the Line ins at the top of the chan­nel.


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