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Flex Fader


1. On the SC48 you will notice there is a sin­gle fader on its own labeled Flex Chan­nel.

2. The Flex Chan­nel is a spe­cial fader strip that pro­vides a ded­i­cated fader, encoder, and LCD dis­play along with chan­nel Select, Solo and Mute switches for the cur­rently selected channel.

The Flex Chan­nel can be latched to ANY chan­nel for unin­ter­rupted con­trol of a vital chan­nel. This is use­ful if you are adjust­ing the level of a very dynamic input such as vocals but pos­si­bly also mix­ing on another bank of inputs.


Latch Using Console:

1. Select the input or out­put chan­nel you want assigned to the Flex Channel.

2. Press the Select/​Latch switch on the Flex Chan­nel and again to con­firm the dia­log appears on-​screen (or click Latch/​Cancel on-​screen).


Latch On-​Screen:

1. Right click on the desired chan­nel in the lower fader dis­play and choose Latch.


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