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1. On the bot­tom left hand side of the desk are the first 16 input sec­tion faders which con­trol the over­all level of the input signal.

You can switch the first 8 faders into FX return lev­els by using the FX return but­ton; this is use­ful for adding effects using sends.

2. The 16 faders can also be used to con­trol Global EQ as a para­met­ric EQ unit.

Each chan­nel has an Encoder which can be switched via the encoded switch­ers on the side, as well as Input meters, Clip/​Safe LEDs, bus assign LEDs, LCD dis­play, Select, Solo (PFL) and Mute.



1. The inputs are on switch­able banks of 16 chan­nels each, cor­re­spond­ing to the inputs at the back of the desk.



1. The bot­tom right set of faders are the out­put faders. The first 8 con­trol your busses and are switch­able via the out­put bank switches. You can switch between Aux busses, Group busses and Matrix busses.

Each chan­nel also has its own encoder, LCD dis­play, AFL but­ton and Select.

The last fader con­trols the main out­put level.

You can select and mute the mains too.


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