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Con­fig Mode

Chang­ing Modes:

1. There are two main oper­at­ing con­sole “modes” on the SC48. Con­fig­u­ra­tion Mode and Show Mode.

You can change between by press­ing the con­fig mode button.

Gen­er­ally as a rule of thumb you can do things in Con­fig Mode that will break the audio stream, whereas in show mode you will not be allowed to do this.


Con­fig Mode:

1. Con­fig mode pro­vides access to the con­fig­u­ra­tion set­tings that are typ­i­cally per­formed as part of sys­tem setup (before mix­ing). You must be in Con­fig mode to do any of the following:

  • Choose a Main mix for­mat (L – R+M, or L – C – R).

  • Des­ig­nate the num­ber and mono/​stereo for­mat of avail­able auxes and groups, com­bine two mono chan­nels into one stereo input chan­nel, or split a stereo input chan­nel into two mono channels.

  • Install plug-​ins.

  • Assign plug-​ins in the soft­ware racks.

  • Route side-​chain inputs to plug-​ins.

  • Ini­tial­ize (or reset) hard­ware devices and options.

  • Change Matrix Source pick­off points.

  • Change Mas­ter Insert points.

  • Cus­tomize con­sole and soft­ware interaction.

  • Move chan­nels to dif­fer­ent fader strips.

  • Per­form sys­tem tests and diagnostic.


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