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Headphone Mix and Talkback

Send the signal you want to hear back on headphones to a channel on the SSL AWS-924 Delta.

This channel must be sent to Cue A, an auxiliary send. This is done by pressing in the Cue A pot and then turning it up.

Set F/B A to take signal from Cue A by pressing in the Cue A button on the F/B A channel. The F/B channels are specifically designed to have audio routed to them for performers to listen to. Then, turn up the mix 1 output.

There is no patching required in BR1 as the signal path is normaled through the patchbay. This means that the signal path automatically goes from F/B A to Channel 1 on the DACS Headlite, unless a patch cable is put in this signal path to take the audio feed somewhere else. Turn up Channel 1's Headphone Volume and make sure it is sent to Output AA for Tie Line B within the Live Room. The outputs from the DACS Headlite are normaled to different outputs on the stage box, so be aware of this if you aren't getting signal through to the performer.

Finally, plug your headphones into the whatever output corresponds to the output you have chosen on the headphone amp. For this example, Output AA connects to Tie Line B.

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