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Bounce Down


1. Go to ‘File’ — ‘Bounce To’ — and click ‘Disk…’

2. Ensure that all of your Pro­ Tools project tracks are going to the same stereo output.

Select your cho­sen stereo out­put as the ‘Bounce Source’.

3. Select the file type you would like the bounced audio track to be in.

4. Select the for­mat you want the bounce track to be in.

Note: Inter­leaved means to have both the left and right tracks in one summed stereo audio file.

5. Select the bit depth that you would like the bounced audio to be in.

6. Select the sam­ple rate that you would like the bounced audio to be in.



1. Check any other boxes as needed, type in a title for the file and click ‘Choose’ to select the loca­tion for the file. Check the ‘Offline’ box to bounce the file offline or leave it unchecked to bounce the file in realtime.

Finally, click ‘Bounce’.

2. Wait for the bounce to be created.

Note: It is wise to lis­ten back to the bounced file to dou­ble check for any prob­lems that might have occurred dur­ing the bounc­ing stage.


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