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Before You Begin

Before you begin your ses­sion it is impor­tant to reset the desk to our work­ing default, which this guide will show you how to do.

Please remem­ber to return the desk to this state when your ses­sion is over.


Mon­i­tor Level:

1. Begin by mak­ing sure the mon­i­tor level con­trol is turned down all the way.


Mix Bus:

1. Make sure the Mix Bus Fader is turned down all the way down (-∞).


Aux and Cue Masters:

1. Turn down all Aux and Cue mas­ters all the way anti-​clockwise.


Artist Fold­back:

1. Turn down the Artist Fold­back mas­ters all the way anti-​clockwise and all but­tons are pressed out.


Mic Pre:

1. Turn down the mic pre gain fully anti­clock­wise (-∞).

Make sure 48v, line, HPF, polar­ity and inserts are also out.


Bus Rout­ing:

1. Within the bus rout­ing make sure the bus num­ber matches the chan­nel num­ber. For exam­ple, chan­nel 1 should be routed to bus 1 in order to get into pro tools input 1.

Make sure the LF (long fader) but­ton is out.


Aux Sends:

1. Make sure all auxs and cue sends are set fully anticlockwise.



1. On the EQ sec­tion make sure both the high and low shelves are out and the para­met­ric sec­tion is out.

All the gain con­trols should be set to zero.


1. Bring the short fader down to (-∞) and make sure the mix but­ton is out.

2. CH Flip (Chan­nel Flip) but­ton should be out so that the long fader has the green tape (DAW) return high­lighted. The short fader in turn should have the red mic input highlighted.

3. Bring the long fader down to (-∞), make sure the mix but­ton is out, and that the pan is set to 12 o’clock.

4. Make sure the Cut and Solo but­tons are not lit.


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