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9. Markers


1. Mark­ers can be added to ses­sion by hit­ting enter on the numer­i­cal key­pad. A dia­logue box will appear and you can select the exact loca­tion of the marker. The loca­tion can also be changed by click­ing and drag­ging the yel­low diamond.

2. You move to a marker loca­tion by hit­ting dot then the marker loca­tion then dot again. For exam­ple if you wanted to access marker 1 you would type ‘.1.’.

Typ­ing ‘cmd + 5′ on the numer­i­cal key pad brings up the mem­ory loca­tion box. Here you can clearly see infor­ma­tion on all the mark­ers that you have set up in your session.

Mark­ers can be deleted by high­light­ing the yel­low icon and press­ing delete.


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