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8. Grid Val­ues, Nudge & Tempo

Grid Val­ues and Nudge:

1. When Bar & Beats are high­lighted in the edit win­dow, the grid res­o­lu­tion will show what ever val­ues are selected in the grid box.

2. Chang­ing the grid value (located to the right of trans­port dis­play) will change the res­o­lu­tion of the grid.

3. As the grid is set to bars & beats our options are for note values.

The grid box also con­tains infor­ma­tion about set­ting the nudge para­me­ters. Sim­ply click the white down arrow to change the nudge value.

4. Once the val­ues are set you can use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys on the numer­i­cal key­pad to nudge your audio in the session.


Chang­ing Tempo:

1. The cur­rent tempo is always shown in the edit win­dow by the green bar run­ning through the entirety of the session.

The fact that only one red dia­mond is present in the ses­sions tells us that there is only one tempo in this ses­sion. To change this tempo click the red dia­mond to bring up a tempo dia­logue box.

2. Once the drop down arrow has been clicked next to the tempo track you are able to add tempo changes sim­ply by click­ing and drag­ging them to the desired speed.

You can delete a tempo change by sim­ply high­light­ing it and press­ing delete.


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