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7. SC48: Patch­bay Screen

The Patch­bay screen lets you patch hard­ware I/​O to input and out­put channels.


Rout­ing Chan­nels:

1. Go to a Patch­bay page by click­ing the appro­pri­ate I/​O tab, Chan­nel Type tab, and Hard­ware tab.

2. Place the cur­sor over the Patch­ing Grid. The cur­sor changes to a crosshair, and lines extend above and to the left of the cur­rent cur­sor loca­tion to iden­tify the col­umn and row in which it is located.

3. Click in the row for the chan­nel and in the col­umn for the hard­ware I/​O source and drag vert­ically, hor­i­zon­tally or at an angle to assign mul­ti­ple patch points at once.

Repeat as needed.


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