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21. Mon­i­tor­ing Audio From Pro Tools

Pro Tools:

1. First, make sure any tracks you want to mon­i­tor are not armed for record­ing. Do this by click­ing the record enable but­ton so it is not flashing.


SSL XL Desk:

1. On the desk, press the DAW but­ton and make sure the trim con­trol is set to 0. This sets the input of the chan­nel to the cor­respond­ing out­put in Pro Tools.

2. Press the A but­ton on the desk for the chan­nel you want to mon­i­tor. This send the audio to mix bus A.

Push the chan­nel fader up to 0 dB.

3. Ensure the Mix A but­ton under is lit. The Mix A fader will act as the mas­ter fader for any audio being send to the mix A bus.

4. Push the Mix A fader up to 0dB.

5. Set the blue mon­i­tor con­trol dial to an appro­pri­ate level, using the SPL meters for guidance.


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