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20. Mon­i­tor­ing PT Out­puts Whilst Recording

Pro Tools:

1 Open up the Pro Tools project that is to be recorded onto.

2. Set the out­put on the tracks that are to be recorded on to an out­put that cor­re­lates to a free chan­nel on the desk. In this case, out­put 9 is being used as that chan­nel is free.


SSL XL Desk:

1. On the chan­nel that is being used to record into Pro Tools, press the ‘A’ but­ton above the fader to make sure that it is out. In this case, that is channel 1.

2. On the chan­nel that is being used to play audio back from Pro Tools, press the DAW but­ton in the trim sec­tion of the chan­nel strip so that it is in. In this case, that is chan­nel 9.

3. On the same chan­nel, ensure that the A but­ton above the fader has been pressed in to send the chan­nel to the MIX A bus.

4. Push up the fader on the out­put chan­nel slowly to hear the post Pro Tools audio, assum­ing that the MIX A fader is pushed up and the CON­TROL LEVEL dial is set to a safe level.


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