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2. SC48: Intro­duc­tion

Introduction to Oper­at­ing System:

1. The Avid VENUE SC48 is a dig­i­tal mix­ing desk designed for live situations.

It acts as a fully inte­grated live sound sys­tem that com­bines I/​O, dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing, and con­trol into a sin­gle console.

2. The desk is essen­tially a com­puter and runs Avid’s VENUE D-​Show Oper­at­ing System.

Avid pro­vide users with an “stand-​alone” ver­sion of the OS so you can prac­tice using it on your Win­dows computer.


Input Screen:

1. When you first boot up the desk you are faced with the Input screen.

Here you’ll have an overview of the selected input chan­nel and all its var­i­ous options.

You can select, name, con­fig­ure and adjust para­me­ters for input chan­nels and FX returns.


Out­put Screen:

1. On the Out­puts screen you can select, name, con­fig­ure and adjust para­me­ters for out­puts.


Fil­ing Screen:

1. On the Fil­ing Screen you can load, save and trans­fer shows and pre­sets and access the desk’s his­tory (pre­vi­ous settings).


Snap­shots Screen:

1. Here you can store and recall set­tings, fader posi­tions, aux sends etc.

You can also recall the default safe set­tings win­dow under Recall Safe.



1. On Patch­bay you can label chan­nels and man­u­ally assign all I/​O routing.



1. On Plug-​Ins you can con­fig­ure, arrange and assign plug-​ins in plug-​ins racks.



1. On the options screen you can con­fig­ure the entire system.


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