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19. How To Bounce/​Export An Audio Mixdown

1. Firstly make sure that the tracks you want export­ing are set to the same out­put, it is most likely that this will be either Ana­logue 1 – 2 (stereo) or the 5.1 bus.

Tracks that are either Record enabled or have Input Mon­i­tor selected will not be included when exporting.

The mix will be taken from the start of the first piece of audio to the end of the last piece. Alter­na­tively, you can high­light the area you want to be exported.

Click on File → Bounce To → Disk

2. From the drop-​down menu next to Bounce Source, choose the out­put you set all the chan­nel to.

Select Wav from file type.

Mono Summed will export each out­put chan­nel as a dif­fer­ent file.

Inter­leaved will give you all chan­nel as one file, but if you re-​import it into Pro Tools all the exported channels (i.e. the indi­vid­ual out­puts of a 5.1 or stereo bus) will appear on dif­fer­ent track.

Set the sam­ple rate and bit depth to those you require and then click ‘bounce’.

Then choose a name for your mix­down and a folder to save it in to.


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