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18. Loop­ing Dur­ing Playback

Loop­ing Dur­ing Play­back:

1. To loop a sec­tion, right click the play but­ton and select ‘Loop’.

Note: The Dynamic Trans­port selec­tion allows you to insert a play­head on the trans­port bar. This is use­ful if you want to play from a dif­fer­ent point that the selected area.

When ‘Loop Play’ is acti­vated, selected region will play infinitely until you stop playback.

If your region selec­tion can­cels when you stop play­back, make sure that ‘Inser­tion Fol­lows Play­back’ is unselected.


2. You can also right click on the record but­ton, allow­ing you to enable ‘Record Loop­ing’, ‘Destruc­tive Record’ and ‘Quick Punch’ (useful for ‘drop­ping in’ musi­cians at dif­fer­ent sec­tions of the track)


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