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17. I/O Window

The I/​O win­dow allows you to map which inputs and out­puts in Pro Tools cor­re­late to the hard­wire inputs and out­puts, allow­ing you to get sound in and out of Pro Tools.


I/​O Win­dow:

1. The I/​O win­dow is accessed by going Setup → I/​O.

The I/​O win­dow con­tains all the input and out­put rout­ing as well as the bus rout­ing. It’s dis­played as a grid with the avail­able inputs or out­puts across the top and the path, which go to the chan­nels along the side.

Click­ing the down arrow on a path will reveal its subpath.

You can change a paths name here by dou­ble click­ing the name.

Note — Out­put paths may not overlap, however sev­eral buses can be mapped to the same output.

E.g. Stereo and 5.1 Bus mapped to the same 5.1 Output.


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