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16. Track View & Group View

Track View & Group View:

1. In the mix win­dow we can decide how much of the chan­nel­ strip we want to view at any one time. This can be set click­ing the small box in the bot­tom left hand cor­ner of the screen.

2. The arrow in the bot­tom left of the screen reveals the track view and the group view. Right click­ing on a track in the track view will give you the option to hide it or dis­able it. High­lighted tracks are cur­rently in view.

3. Click­ing on a group will enable the group in the mix win­dow. Depend­ing upon what para­me­ters have been set the faders in the group may be linked or edit para­me­ters may apply to all audio in the group.

4. To set up a group, high­light all the tracks you wish to be in the group

then type ‘cmd + g’. You will then be pre­sented with a group dialogue

box where you can set the parameters.


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