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15. Nar­row Mix Mode, Track Colour & Zero Faders

Nar­row Mix Mode, Track Colour & Zero Faders:

1. Nar­row mix mode is use­ful if you are work­ing on a ses­sion deal­ing with a large amount of tracks. It makes the tracks much thin­ner, enabling you to view more chan­nels at once.

Nar­row mix mode can be selected by press­ing ‘Alt, cmd + m’.

Faders can be set to 0dB by hold­ing down ‘alt’ and click­ing on the chan­nel, this can also be down for pan­ning information.

2. Track colour can be changed by click­ing the colour tab at the bot­tom of the chan­nel strip in the mix window. This can be useful for visually grouping tracks together, for example colouring all your drum tracks red and all your guitar tracks green.


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