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14. Inserts & Sends

Inserts & Sends:

1. Plug-​ins insert on the insert sec­tion. 8 can be used per chan­nel. Select­ing a plu­gin will look as follows.

2. All plug-​ins in Pro Tools have the same basic dia­logue options at the top of the win­dow. Here you are able to load any pre­sets, bypass the plu­gin and enable automation.

You can remove a plug-​in by click­ing on the name in dia­logue sec­tion and select­ing no insert. This is also how to remove a send.

3. Sends are set up in a sim­i­lar way to inserts. How­ever, instead pass­ing audio to a plu­gin in series, sends out­put in para­llel to the chan­nel via a bus that is defined as you set up the send.

After cre­at­ing a send a pop up chan­nel fader will appear to con­trol the vol­ume of the send. The pop out chan­nel also has the con­trols for pre/​post fader send and send panning.


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