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13. Mix Win­dow & Mas­ter Fader

Mix Win­dow & Mas­ter Fader:

1. The mix win­dow is set out with a basic chan­nel strip.

2. The top sec­tion is the insert sec­tion. To add a plug-​in on the insert sec­tion click of the free slots.

3. Both the insert and sends go from A-​G giv­ing you 8 per chan­nel. Sends can either be inter­face or bus.

4. Mas­ter chan­nels are use­ful in stu­dio whereby the sound­card is con­nected directly to speaker thus hav­ing no real con­trol over the out­put. To set up a mas­ter fader sim­ply cre­ate a new track and select ‘Stereo’ → ‘Mas­ter Fader’


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