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10. Track Con­trol & Monitoring

Track Con­trol & Mon­i­tor­ing:

1. The Track con­trol sec­tion in the edit win­dow enables you to do the following:

- Arm a track so that it’s ready to record.

- Solo a track.

- Mute a track.

- Change a tracks name.

- Change what is dis­played in a track (waveform by default).

- Change the time base of the track (ticks & samples).

2. To change the name of a track sim­ply dou­ble click the exist­ing name (in this case the track is called Audio 1).

Here you can also write com­ments about the par­tic­u­lar track.

3. To arm a track, click the white cir­cle to turn it red.

There are two types of mon­i­tor­ing in Pro Tools, input mon­i­tor­ing and input only monitoring.

The dif­fer­ence between Input Mon­i­tor­ing and Input Only Mon­i­tor­ing is that Stan­dard Input Mon­i­tor­ing will allow you to lis­ten to the input at all times, except for dur­ing play­back when lis­ten­ing to recorded audio.

Input Only Mon­i­tor­ing allows you to hear the Input at all times even when play­ing back recorded audio.

Both forms of input mon­i­tor­ing require the track to be armed.

Input only mon­i­tor­ing can be turned on by press­ing ‘cmd + K’ and can be seen as the green light by the trans­port section.


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