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Bluerooms 2

Bluerooms 2

Bluerooms 2 is our specialist mastering studio housing external and internal mastering effects.


A/D - D/A Conversion:

  • Lynx Hilo

Outboard Processing:

  • Manley Stereo Variable MU

  • Neve Portico II Master Buss compressor

  • GML 8200 stereo parametric EQ


  • Dynaudio Core 47 

Other Equipment:

  • Sound Pres­sure Level Meter

  • TC Electronic Clarity M Desktop Audio Meter


  • Mac Studio M1.

  • Pro Tools 2023

  • Logic Pro X.

  • UAD plugin suite

  • Plugin alliance Mega bundle


BR2 floor plan.drawio.png


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Bluerooms 3.

Signal Flow

BR2 Signal flow.drawio.png

[Video Here]

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